Topic: Who is behind camera ? 

What does a cinematographer do and what does it mean to be called cinematographer? Is it only focusing on the technical part of shooting or is it something more behind it? How to work with different directors and translate into image their & your vision? I will tell you about my years of experience and how I started to work in the industry. I will show some of my works and will talk about them too. From the pre-production (recce/developing ideas/pre-lighting) to real set experience and post-production. I will show different variations of works: narrative, music videos, commercial and documentary. Each of the work will be focused on different cinematography topics, which would include shooting with studio/natural lighting; with steadicam & trinity operator; shooting on film and shooting “coming out of your comfort zone and be open for new challenges”. I will be also happy to hear your questions regarding cinematography.


Nicole Medvecka is from Uzhhorod, Ukraine, and studied at the Transcarpathian Art Institute. There she learned the basics of the compositional scheme, proportions, and pictorial principles. Then she began to study cinematography at the Kyiv University of Theater, Film and Television. Since 2015 Nicole Medvecka lives and works in Berlin. She studied at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB) in the field of cinematography. Nicole is working on commercials, music videos, art projects, and feature films. She had workshops in “CRLS Light system” with Jakob Ballinger, colorist Dirk Meier and in “Lightning with ARRI”. Nicole has extensive experience working with film: 16mm, super 16mm, 35mm. One of Nicole’s last projects, 4 channels film installation “Memoria”, was shot in Havana, Cuba, and it will have its premiere in Aksioma Institute for Contemporary Art on the 19th of April 2023.