Friday Horror Techno

Friday Horror Techno

20.10.2023 - FRIDAY


21:00 - 4:00



What Friday will it be without the proper party?

Come for TECHNO at URBAN SPOT! We will enjoy crazy audiovisual kicks on the dance floor from musical guests: Nina Pixel [sk] will offer show inspired by Slovak folklore, project NIVVA [cz] will bring pop reflection of omnipresent AI to the stage, you can await ambient and soundscape from electro musician Whithe [sk] and DJ MIKLEI [ua] will release whirlwind of techno music, that you’ll never expect!

Besides amazing music you can also look forward to halloween atmosphere – we will screen short horror films!

Classic jump scare effects, or innovative ideas, detailed costumes, greatly build atmosphere and even good fun. You can find all of that in our cross-section of recent short horror movies that are worth watching. Come to get goosebumps at our night horror screening!

Mark your calendars, because Friday evening of AZYL SHORTS 2023 festival will be unforgettable!

pre-sale at at the venue 13€ at the venue AKU students 6€

doors open 20:00 horror shorts screening 21:00 22:00-23:00 Nina Pixel 23:00-00:00 NIVVA (CZ) 00:00-02:00 Whithe  02:00-04:00 MIKLEI (UA)