Always on the lookout to escape, toothpaste-human hybrid Anselma (playing herself) is on the way to the mountains to partake in the brushing of a tooth (Luca) using guybrush Rafael.


Somewhere in a secret fold of the world, a girl-plant inhabited by joyful thoughts draws from the dark cave of her heart whimsical little pink horses animated by a childlike and pure joy. When her flying eyes meet an erupting volcano, their tears adorn her body with the joy of the moment.

ARAI – We Cry

A mysterious drink is being served in a bar that brings out the deepest emotion of its customers.

Under The Endless Sky

Our memories play an important role in the construction of identity and self-awareness. My childhood memories have acquired a special value for me since the outbreak of the full-scale war in Ukraine, my home country. For many children, this time will become a formative memory. My childhood in Ukraine was different and I want to […]

The Invention of Less

Due to global warming a young polar bear has to leave her home in summer 2031 and moves to Zurich. Together with all other animals she tries to make a living until she suddenly has an idea, that will change the world for ever.

Small Spark

A small mouse lives in the middle of books and their epic adventures. When the candle goes out and when the matchbox is empty, it’s her turn to live a dangerous adventure throught the house, in search of a small spark.


The author’s film Rotsethornet describes the joint ascent of a pair of heroes to the Norwegian mountain of the same name. The theme of the film is not only the adventure associated with overcoming oneself but also the capture of both characters and the way in which man and woman communicate with each other.


A despondent character struggles to balance self-acceptance and self-loathing when their worst fears manifest in the form of a sickly deer.


After 40 years, an interview is conducted with the mother of a martyr


Four people and the time they spend in an elevator. Inspired by everyday life and by the difference in people’s behavior when they are alone, in contrast to the socially acceptable behavior that individuals adopt when in public space and especially in the confined and always awkward setting of an elevator.